L6 Biology Study Visit to Orielton 2022

Application Form

This application form is for a week long study visit to Orielton Field Studies centre from Sunday 19th – Friday 24th June 2022.

Please complete the application form below to apply for a place for your daughter/son on the visit.  The deadline for application is Friday 1st October 2021.

The application will only be processed once it has been completed online and the deposit is paid via Parentpay.

Please contact the International Office if you have any queries regarding the visits programme.

Please note:

Cost of Visit

The total cost of the visit is expected to be in the region of £635.

The initial deposit is £125 which is due by Friday 1st October 2021.   The preferred method of payment is ParentPay. If you have forgotten your ParentPay login details, please contact [email protected].

Payment Schedule:

AmountPayment Due Date
£125 (initial deposit)1st Oct 2021
£85 (2nd instalment)1st Nov 2021
£85 (3rd instalment) 1st Dec 2021
£85 (4th instalment) 1st Jan 2021
£85 (5th instalment) 1st Feb 2022
£85 (6th instalment) 1st Mar 2022
In the region of £85 (final amount to be advised once costs have been finalised)1st Apr 2022

please log into the portal before completing this form at - portal.aesessex.co.uk