Overseas Work Experience Information

All students in Year 10 and L6th will be participating in a work experience placement of their choice. Students can choose work experience locally, nationally or internationally. To be able to combine work experience with developing language & cultural skills is a unique opportunity open to them and we actively encourage and facilitate placements with both international contacts they may have from previous /current exchanges, as well as family & friends.

Regardless of the location, the school endeavours to ensure that each placement is “low risk” and that adequate insurance is in place. If a student is proposing to attend a placement overseas our process requires additional information, and final approval is required from the head teachers. It is therefore advised that flights are not purchased before this approval has been given. All UK based placements are required to confirm that the company has insurance cover currently in force to meet any liability to employees or other third parties arising from a work experience placement and that the insurers have been notified of the work experience arrangements. This is usually through Employer’s Liability Compulsory Insurance (ELCI). For an overseas placement evidence of such insurance / ELCI is also required.

We also strongly recommend that you purchase additional adequate insurance to cover work experience placements as standard travel insurance will not suffice. World Nomads offers competitive cover for students undertaking work experience overseas and their “Standard” policy with Work, Sports & Activities Level 1 will cover personal accident, emergency medical expenses and personal liability (out of the workplace as ELCI covers personal liability in the workplace) for the majority of situations. 

Should you wish to take insurance out with a different company or use an existing policy you have with another company it is your responsibility to check that it includes emergency medical cover and personal accident cover whilst your daughter/son is at work along with personal liability for third part liability during leisure time.

We would also ask parents and overseas Employers to read the HSE’s “Young People and work experience” document http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg364.pdf.  This gives information on health and safety at work.

The following completed documentation and contribution on ParentPay is required before approval by the head teachers can be sought:   

Overseas Placement – this incurs significant additional admin work for which an additional contribution of £20 is requestedContribution for Dual

Placement – an extra £15 contribution is requested for any additional local/national or overseas placement. School permission is needed to authorise any additional placement therefore a Dual Placement Request Form must be completed, returned and authorised BEFORE organising any additional placement.

Early rate:   Standard rate:  
  £45     £55