Library Consent

The Anglo European School Library is open throughout the school day and is a vibrant, busy and popular area of the school where students are able to study, work and read in an engaging environment. All students are automatically enrolled as members of the library. All students are encouraged to use the wide range of exceptional and diverse resources available to them within the library for assistance and progress with their studies, as well as for leisure and general interest, and to enable them to develop their study skills. All students in Years 7 and 8 take part in one library lesson per cycle. These students will receive a comprehensive Library Induction and will then follow a specially created library learning programme.

As well as 30 computers, all linked to the internet with coloured printing ability, there are numerous tables and seating areas for individual and/or class use. There are also sofas and comfortable chairs to enhance quiet reading time and an excellent, well stocked selection of resources to facilitate effective study and support wider reading. A suggested reading list for Key Stage 3 students is on our website under ‘Curriculum/English’.

Other facilities available include document scanning, photocopying from 10p per sheet and a mini ‘Stationery Shop’ which is open at morning break and lunchtime. We are also fortunate to have a Further Education/Careers resource area.

To ensure that the resources in the Library are available to all students, we do ask that resources are returned on time and in a suitable condition. Therefore, we expect that any item(s) that are lost or damaged are replaced. When this occurs, students will be informed. If the items are not then replaced or returned, a letter will be sent home and we will request either the item is replaced or for a contribution of £5. If a lost item is paid for and then subsequently returned, a refund will be given providing the resource is in a suitable condition.

Furthermore, there is a dedicated Sixth Form Study Resources room, The William Tweed Reference Library, which is situated within the Sixth Form Study Room.

Please refer to the Parental Consent Form below for information regarding borrowing and lending rights.

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