Anglo European School Association (AESA) and Forum

The Anglo European School Association is a registered charity run by parents.  It exists to:

All parents and carers who have children attending the Anglo European School automatically become members of the Anglo European School Association, known as AESA.  It creates a network of parents who work to support the school financially as well as provide an opportunity for the school to consult with the parent body.  The committee meets approximately six times a year and is always looking for volunteers and welcoming of new ideas about how to raise funds for the school.

The money raised each year is used to enhance the work undertaken by different departments within the school to support teaching and learning.  In recent years, these fundraising efforts have helped to finance equipment for the Music, PE and Textile Design departments, books and educational resources for the Maths, Languages and Humanities departments and in-school productions to support the study of Literature and the importance of Mental Health awareness.

Anglo European School Association is part of the Anglo European Co-operative Trust and fulfils the role of representing parents on the Anglo European Co-operative Trust Forum.

If you would like to become more actively involved with the AESA please complete the form below to share your details and a member of the AESA committee will contact you.
The AESA will protect your personal data in a secure place and will not provide to third parties. Please make sure you press the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the form.

For more information please see the AESA section on the school website or send an email to [email protected].

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